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Top notch floor cleaning and restoration services are one of K & K Cleaning Contractors specialties. As always we offer free estimates, please give us a call and let us know how we can help you.

We, at K & K Cleaning Contractors, love to see the smile on our client’s face when they see the results of our work, that is the most satisfying and rewarding feeling to us. We specialize in stripping and refinishing floors as well as cleaning and restoration of hard surfaces which includes VCT, Marble, Granite, Travertine, Slate, Limestone, Terrazzo and Saltillo.

We have exclusive high quality equipment, training, experience, and advanced products to create superior results. Our mission is to provide the very best cleaning service available, in order that your business reflects your highest standards. We serve Kalamazoo and surrounding areas.

Floor Strip and refinishing.

Restoration efforts generally involve stripping old finish and laying down fresh coatings of finish compatible with the type of tile. If this is properly done, the result is a clean, clear, light-reflective coating that is attractive, slip-resistant, and protects the tile underneath.This is commonly done when floors start looking dull and unsightly.

If you have problems with your tile flooring and want those problems solved, why not take advantage of our 30 years experience in resilient tile floor maintenance? We know how to properly clean and refinish VCT and other resilient tile surfaces. We have the equipment and experience to restore and maintain them. From small to large, grocery, department and retail stores, our trained technicians can restore your unattractive resilient tile to a more presentable state. Don’t put up with unattractive flooring any longer. Call us today for an on-site survey. We take the time needed to do floor restoration and maintenance right.

Stone Restoration

K&K Cleaning Contractors uses a 6 step system for grinding, honing, and polishing Marble, terrazzo, travertine and limestone floors. With our low-moisture Orbot System, K & K Cleaning Contractors can completely restore your floors. In the event your floors just have minor scratches or need a gloss boost, we can bring your floors back to life and make them glow as new.

Concrete Cleaning

When it comes to scrubbing and cleaning concrete surfaces such as Retail shops, patios, sidewalks and other types of high traffic concrete flooring, K&K Cleaning Contractors can eliminate having to use harsh chemicals and abundances of water to remove the heavy soil that has settled deep down in the concrete with our revolutionary cleaning system.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

What cleans the tile and grout so fast, effectively, and without the use of excessive water and harsh chemicals? The Orbot cleaning system generates thousands of miniature orbits that scrub together with the brush. Imagine a giant orbiting toothbrush that is soft enough that it will not scratch the floors yet is effective enough to scrub away grease and grime from the pores and crevices found in ceramic tile and grout. Together adding the weight kit with the brush and orbital action of the Orbot, the bristles are pushed down into these pores and crevices lifting away immediately the dirt and grime.

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